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Rudy Thomas JohnPlenus annis abiit, plenus honoribus – He is gone from us, full of years and full of honors

It is with heavy hearts and a deep sense of loss that we in the LDF and the entire community of Laborie mourn the passing of Educator, Sports Administrator and Social Actor, Rudy Thomas John.  Known affectionately as “RJ”, his death will have a significant impact on the landscape of social action and overall development in our community.

RJ, a humble, yet steadfast and contrite being, touched the lives of many through his service to community and state in various voluntary and professional capacities.  He was a Retired Teacher and Education Officer and in recent years was coordinator of the National Enrichment and Learning Programme (NELP) in the south of the island.  His service to youth and Sports Development expanded from his community, through the Laborie Sports Association to the national stage where he served on the executive of the Saint Lucia National Cricket Association and the Saint Lucia Football Association during the 70’s and 80’s.

RJ was a founding member of the Laborie Co-operative Credit Union, the Laborie Development Foundation; and most recently served as President of the Laborie Fishers and Consumers Co-operative.  One of his signature projects, the new Laborie Fishers and Consumers Co-operative Service Station stands today as a proud legacy to his commitment and dedication to advancing his community in all spheres of development.

Over the next few days, the Laborie community, in consultation with the family of Mr. John, will plan an activity to celebrate the life and contribution of this illustrious son.

As of now we ask that you join with us and the entire community of Laborie in extending heartfelt condolences to his immediate family especially his wife Martha John.

May his soul Rest in Peace with God Almighty.



Laborie Pan Project Registration 2016


Do you, or your child, want to learn how to play a musical instrument? Do you, or your child, want to join the Laborie Steel Pan and be part of a dynamic community organisation?

This is a unique opportunity to develop musical talent and to help our young people to grow as well-rounded individuals.

We now accept new members, aged between 6 and 16.

You can find more information on the Laborie Pan Project and the Laborie Steel Pan from any of the band members or by visiting

Cost of registration is EC$ 40.00. This is a single payment, and the Laborie Pan Project does not collect membership or subscription fees.

Registration forms can be collected from band members or from band leader Quill Barthelmy (488 0665) at the Laborie Post Office or Mama Rose Restaurant, or from band member Karltus Faucher (728 4994). 


YOU ALSO HAVE PICTURES FROM THE FREEDOM MAS? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR SHARE ON FACEBOOK, USING THE HASHTAG #LFM2016!

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2016 08 01 20.12.51

mokoflix1Moko-Flixs entertainment is a youth cultural organisation originating from the community of Laborie. It is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of stilt-walking and the Saint Lucian traditional masquerade.

This organisation plays a major role in showcasing the art of stilt-walking especially at national cultural festivities such as Independence, Jazz, Carnival, Jounen Kwéyòl or Christmas, and it provides a unique attraction that helps support our tourism industry. Moko-Flixs also plays a major part in the community of Laborie and is also involved in cultural exchanges, mainly with Trinidad, Martinique and Guadeloupe.

Moko-Flixs Entertainment is also a medium that offers training in youth development programmes with the goal of empowering its membership through the passion of cultural forms and the holistic development of the youth.

mokoflix3Participation in the national Jouvè competition has become the latest addition to Moko-Flixs contribution to the national Carnival of Saint Lucia. This participation has allowed Moko-Flixs to bring in a traditional Jouvè experience and a unique touch to that event by being the only stilt-walking group.

Over the last four years, Moko-Flixs has consistently placed in the National Jouvè Competition and was this year awarded Band of the Year.

2013- 3rd Place

2014- 2nd Place

2015- 3rd Place

2016- 1st Place - Band of the year 

1 FLaborie Freedom Mas is a carnival celebration with a difference, a festive commemoration of Emancipation Day!

It is a festival of enlightenment that focuses on the historical roots of carnival in the Caribbean, while creating opportunities for economic activity in the community.

On 1 August 1834, slavery officially ended in Saint Lucia and the rest of the British Caribbean, but the struggle for true economic freedom and cultural sovereignty continues!

Laborie Freedom Mas is a family oriented activity that incorporates the experience gained in recent years of hosting carnival and other cultural events in our community.

It begins on the morning of 1 August with the traditional Jouvè street party (4 am), which finds its origin in the celebration of emancipation from slavery. 

In the afternoon, costumed bands parade (3 pm) through the streets of Laborie, carrying the message of freedom and emancipation, with costumes, dance, music and revelry.


Start time 4am

Route: Laborie Market to La Croix and back.

Parade of the Bands

Start time 3pm

Route: Start at Crossover park unto High Road, down to the village corner into the street by Big Bamboo, down Allan Louisy Street on to La Croix Road, down to the Police station onto High street through Desmond Collymore Avenue (formerly Bay Street) back to the field.

Participating bands:

1. Laborie Steel Pan

Portrayal: Panorama throughout the years; 4 sections - Suzette, Mosquito,  Freedom, Who I am

Band type: Costume

2. Hardcore Sounds Freedom Mas band

Portrayal: Freedom; 4 sections - Born to be free (children's section), Mèt yo tout, Alez Freedom Mas, Power to change

Band type: T - shirt

3. Fleur de Lis (Invited band from Vieux-Fort Carnival)

Portrayal: Unleash the Beast, African tribes; 3 sections - Zulu, Masai, San Bushman

Band type: Costume

4. Libèté

Portrayal: Saint Lucia after slavery; 3 sections - Indians (children), Farmers (teenagers), Fishermen(adults)

Band type: Costume

5. Mokoflix Mas

Portrayal: Love Fire (Jouvè band of the year)

Band type: Costume

Police notice/ guidelines

  •  all drinks must be served in plastic glasses
  •  bands are responsible for having internal security in their bands to ensure safety and crowd control
  •  all driver's during the parade should be in possession of a valid driver's license
  •  band serving alcohol are to have a valid liquor license
  •  participants are requested to be early for assembling at Crossover park in order to commence the festival on time (Assembly time starts from 1pm)
  •  Laborie Freedom Mas Committee shall not be liable in damages for any delay in or cancelation of Laborie Freedom Mas without prior notice,  if such delay or cancelation is caused by conditions beyond our control including but not limited to natural damages, such as flood,  storm,  fire and/ or earthquake. 

IMG 1633 3

Pictured, left to right: Marcus Ash, Quill Bathelemy, Andrius Richard Edwide & Joshua Muroi.

History was made in Saint Lucia last night when the steelband from our small community won the National Panorama Competition that had traditionally been dominated by large and wealthier bands from the north of the island. As it celebrates its 10th anniversary, the Laborie Steel Orchestra brought the trophy back to its home village for a weekend of well-deserved celebrations.

“I am glad to be part of that history”, says Marcus Ash, drill master for the PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars of Trinidad, who came to Laborie with six other members of that band to work with the Laborie band, and who conducted last night’s performance. “When I first heard the arrangement of the song, I was so impressed, I told myself  ‘what the hell am I doing here?’, but we shaped the song and look, we took that trophy!”.

The beautiful and intelligent song arrangement was the work of 19-year old Andrius Richard Edwide, one of the original members of the Laborie band, who first arranged a Panorama song in 2015. “I’m so excited”, he said right after the announcement of the prizes, “we had so much energy tonight, I played like I won it already”.

When asked about his arrangement, Edwide said: “I’ve learned a lot from Andy Narell, he has been working with our group every year for the past 5 years, and I’ve been studying his arrangements. I played his music in Trinidad with Birdsong, and I also learned a lot from Liam Teague and Marcus Ash from Silver Stars”.


Part of the winning performance, at Darren Sammy Field, 16 July 2016.


“This victory is the product of team work” says Len Leonce of Labowi Promotions, the parent organisation of the Laborie Pan Project, “and the pillar at the heart of that team is band leader Quill Barthelemy, she has put so much work, so much energy into that steelband, Laborie is so proud of her, and she deserved to win tonight”.

“I knew it was coming”, said Barthelemy as she was celebrating at the Darren Sammy Stadium after the announcement, “it’s practice that made us win, practice is key. These kids have a lot in them, all we had to do is work hard. And Marcus Ash really helped us, he brought out the real Laborie Steel Band. I’m so happy!”

The Laborie Pan Project is a community-based volunteer initiative that seeks to develop musical and artistic talent in the community, and to give participants the opportunity to engage in a meaningful social activity and to gain pride and self-confidence in the process. Group members are between 6 and 21 year old, with most of them still attending school, “and doing very well”, says Barthelemy.

Next week the Laborie Pan Project will host a Brazilian percussions workshop with Dr. Jason Koontz of Eastern Kentucky University, who led a team of five US-based players in the steelband and who helped to strengthen its rhythm section.

Many more activities are planned for the celebration of the Laborie Pan Project’s 10th anniversary, and the players and organisers are grateful to the community for its continued support.

For more information about the Laborie Steel Pan Project, visit

The Saint Lucia Ministry of Health, in efforts to sensitize the public on the importance of a clean environment in light of the Zika virus, asked the Laborie Development Foundation to distribute these messages, advertising two upcoming events.

Friday 18 March: Zika Motorcade, from Laborie to Dennery



Saturday 19 March: Community Clean-Up