LSP to Wilrock June 2019

Laborie Steel Pan gathered at a popular local restaurant on Saturday 8 June to celebrate its achievements and the friendship that binds its members, to recognise the contribution of each individual player to the growth and success of the band, and to pay tribute to Wilrock Ltd., the company that sponsored them consistently and generously over the past ten years.

In presenting an award and a gift to the company representative, Mr Gilbert Wilson, Laborie Steel Pan player Jainashel Gabriel thanked Wilrock for the support it provided to the band, allowing it to grow “from a small group of young children discovering steel pan to a recognised community institution with a diverse range of activities”. In presenting a photograph of the band to Mr Wilson, Ms Gabriel noted that the band is strong because it was “built on a solid Wilrock Foundation”.

Indeed, “we are more than a steel band,” said arranger and musical director Andrius Edwide in a short address to the group, “we provide quality music education to our members; we constantly enrol new, young members; we host international music workshops; we actively participate in community events; we provide welfare support to members in need; and we help all our players to become responsible and self-confident members of their community and society.”

As a family-owned business rooted in the Laborie community, Wilrock Ltd has supported the steel band over the years precisely because it saw the positive impacts the band has on its members, allowing them to discover and nurture their artistic talent, giving young people the opportunity to engage in a meaningful activity, demonstrating the value of team work and perseverance, and building a vibrant community institution.