From 1999, residents of Laborie started a strategic development planning process to reduce ad hoc, unplanned development. Following the adoption of the completed Strategic Development Plan, the Planning Committee realized that in order to begin to implement this plan, a formal organization was needed.

The Laborie Development Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation, was registered under the Companies Act in St. Lucia on December 11, 2002.

Its functions are to:

  • Coordinate the planning and implementation of development activities and projects.
  • Mobilize the community and involve all citizens in planning and implementation of development projects.
  • Raise funds for projects and activities to be undertaken by itself and by other organizations.
  • Implement specific projects whenever there is no other organisation capable of implementing them.
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Strategic Development Plan (view here in PDF) for Laborie.

The Foundation’s vision and objectives are the same as that described in the Strategic Development Plan for Laborie, i.e. to promote social, and economic development that will contribute to a “culturally vibrant community where there is continuous improvement in the quality of life and where people are able to enjoy all the basic necessities and to participate fully in the process of development.”

This plan outlines the development goals of the majority of the residents of Laborie.

Our focus is on the overall development of the community including the development of tourism, agriculture and fishing, youth and sports, education and the human resources, and health care and social services. We understand that the success of the community’s development depends on the involvement of all Laborians, as well as other St. Lucians and benefactors.

To achieve these objectives, the Laborie Development Foundation works with a variety of partners and member organisations to find the appropriate funding and social capital on a project by project basis.

The Foundation has a Board of Directors elected at their Annual General Meeting who guide the yearly activities and set the work plan.