1 FLaborie Freedom Mas is a carnival celebration with a difference, a festive commemoration of Emancipation Day!

It is a festival of enlightenment that focuses on the historical roots of carnival in the Caribbean, while creating opportunities for economic activity in the community.

On 1 August 1834, slavery officially ended in Saint Lucia and the rest of the British Caribbean, but the struggle for true economic freedom and cultural sovereignty continues!

Laborie Freedom Mas is a family oriented activity that incorporates the experience gained in recent years of hosting carnival and other cultural events in our community.

It begins on the morning of 1 August with the traditional Jouvè street party (4 am), which finds its origin in the celebration of emancipation from slavery. 

In the afternoon, costumed bands parade (3 pm) through the streets of Laborie, carrying the message of freedom and emancipation, with costumes, dance, music and revelry.


Start time 4am

Route: Laborie Market to La Croix and back.

Parade of the Bands

Start time 3pm

Route: Start at Crossover park unto High Road, down to the village corner into the street by Big Bamboo, down Allan Louisy Street on to La Croix Road, down to the Police station onto High street through Desmond Collymore Avenue (formerly Bay Street) back to the field.

Participating bands:

1. Laborie Steel Pan

Portrayal: Panorama throughout the years; 4 sections - Suzette, Mosquito,  Freedom, Who I am

Band type: Costume

2. Hardcore Sounds Freedom Mas band

Portrayal: Freedom; 4 sections - Born to be free (children's section), Mèt yo tout, Alez Freedom Mas, Power to change

Band type: T - shirt

3. Fleur de Lis (Invited band from Vieux-Fort Carnival)

Portrayal: Unleash the Beast, African tribes; 3 sections - Zulu, Masai, San Bushman

Band type: Costume

4. Libèté

Portrayal: Saint Lucia after slavery; 3 sections - Indians (children), Farmers (teenagers), Fishermen(adults)

Band type: Costume

5. Mokoflix Mas

Portrayal: Love Fire (Jouvè band of the year)

Band type: Costume

Police notice/ guidelines

  •  all drinks must be served in plastic glasses
  •  bands are responsible for having internal security in their bands to ensure safety and crowd control
  •  all driver's during the parade should be in possession of a valid driver's license
  •  band serving alcohol are to have a valid liquor license
  •  participants are requested to be early for assembling at Crossover park in order to commence the festival on time (Assembly time starts from 1pm)
  •  Laborie Freedom Mas Committee shall not be liable in damages for any delay in or cancelation of Laborie Freedom Mas without prior notice,  if such delay or cancelation is caused by conditions beyond our control including but not limited to natural damages, such as flood,  storm,  fire and/ or earthquake.