The Rudy John Beach Park is one of Saint Lucia's best kept secrets. Local families come to enjoy the long, sandy reef-protected beach fringed with coconut palms. The bay is perfect for a relaxing sea bath, swimming and snorkeling.


There are picnic tables, shelter, and with a short walk down the beach, by Crossover Park you could very well find yourself watching - or participating in - a local football match.


Rudy John Beach Park is home to the Papèl Arts & Craft Centre, an interpretation centre overlooking the beach, inaugurated in 2011.

Visit its small museum, shop for locally made arts & crafts, enjoy something to eat and drink at The Aquarius on the Bay café at Papèl. Bathrooms are available on the premises.

The Papèl Craft Centre


The Papèl Craft Centre is located at Rudy John Beach Park, on Testanier Highway, Laborie.

The Aquarius on the Bay café at Papèl is open from 11am, Monday to Sunday.

The souvenirs shop opens from 10:00am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.

The Papèl Craft Centre's purpose is mainly to provide outlets to the Anse Kawet Crafters Association, so that they can produce, display and trade their creations.

But it serves not only as an outlet where one can purchase unique souvenirs, but also where one can enjot a great meal with a charming view over the surf.

The centre overlooks the Rudy John Beach Park, where the water is made tranquil by a reef (known in local patois as a "papèl"), which breaks the force of the waves, making it especially inviting and family-friendly.

At the Papèl one can find shops where ...

The Anse Kawet Crafters create a wide variety of crafts, including basketry, needlework, doll-making, hand-made soap, crochet and knitting;

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The Aquarius on the Bay café tempts you with a wide variety of delicious cakes, ice cream and fresh fruit juices.

The spacious courtyard at Papèl Craft Centre can accommodate two 20ft X 20ft tents comfortably and has been used to host art exhibitions, book launchings and other presentations - including movies!