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There are a variety of things to do, see and experience in Laborie. From relaxing to energetic, from solitary to crowded, from early morning to late night, from historic to new and shiny – it is here waiting for you. We'll bet on it, you’ll find your own favorite.


Rudy John Beach Park's Papèl Arts & Crafts Centre + The Café

The Rudy John Beach Park is one of Saint Lucia's best kept secrets, where families come to enjoy the long, sandy reef-protected beach fringed with coconut palms. The bay is perfect for a relaxing sea bath, swimming and snorkeling. There are picnic tables and shelter. You could also very well find yourself watching - or participating - in a local football match.

+ More about The Papèl
& Rudy John Beach Park


Take a Tour: The Laborie Experience

You’ll stroll the village, with knowledgeable local guides, whose stories will bring the heritage and history of Laborie to life.

The tours are personalized according to the interests of the guest. Your guide their Creole heritage, Saint Lucian history, the local flora and its uses, and so much more.

The Laborie Experience is a unique community-based and community-owned tour.

Inquiries: +1-758-455-9910
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Saturday Market

Before the crack of dawn, the vendors arrive from all over the region to set up colourful trays with heaps of freshly picked fruits and vegetables for sale. Saturday morning market is buzzing from before 5 to after 9AM. You can find a little of everything that is in season as well as a local breakfast featuring cocoa tea.


The Many, Many Special Events...

Throughout the year, Laborie hosts a variety of events. Visitors are more than welcome to join the various celebrations and special events such as Independence Day activities around February, Easter Bazaar held in the Market Square on Easter Monday, Jazz in the South festival in early May and St. Cecilia’s Day tribute to local musicians on November.



... Or just sitting on the block.

A time-honoured tradition, Laborie is a great place to sit and watch village life unroll. There are countless little "kabawes" (local rum shops), where you can take a cool beverage in the shade and watch villagers go by. You can relax on a bench in the market square, under the shade of the almond trees, enjoying quiet contemplation or striking up a conversation. Never boring!


Hike Up Morne Le Blanc

Providing a striking panoramic overlook of the southern edge of Saint Lucia, Morne Le Blanc Heritage Site is located on top of the largest hill domineering Laborie. Morne Le Blanc offers a huge variety of plants and tall trees, picnic tables and a viewing platform. You can drive or walk up the steep, scenic winding road from the main highway to the top.


Piaye Village

Two miles down the ocean-hugging highway is the village of Piaye, known for its deep African roots. Beautiful beach!


Balenbouche Estate

Just half a mile past Piaye is the historic Balenbouche Estate, where drop-in visitors are as welcome as scheduled guests. You can get a guided tour of the century old plantation house, the dramatic remains of the sugar mill and the truly picturesque beaches and grounds. Don't forget your camera!

Wajamaka Excursions

A locally owned tour providing nature walks, hikes and coastal excursions. They can be looked up on Facebook for more details. Contact number +1 758-285-5163 for tour bookings.

Laborie is close to many other attractions Saint Lucia has to offer.

To the east, windsurfing at Anse-aux-sables (Sandy Beach), Vieux Fort; the George Odlum Olympic Stadium; Mamiku Gardens and Dennery's Fish Saturdays.

To the west, Choiseul's arts & crafts centre, beach, village and sunsets; the famous & glorious Pitons; the relaxing Sulphur Springs and the Fond Saint-Jacques area many waterfalls and nature trails; splendid Soufrière town.